"After just a couple days, I feel changed - I came away drenched in gratitude, more grounded, more positive, and generally more at peace."

"It’s been days and I am still in bliss…I am still soaking in gratitude. I am so thankful to have come to this magical place so giving and so healing with its rustic peace and magical spring waters flowing from the earth. I feel so rejuvenated and invigorated. And most of all, I feel my heart open…I have experienced non-stop gratitude and have been bathing in joy since.  I wake up with a yearning to live more consciously, more mindfully;  to appreciate everything that I have, and to show appreciation daily. I feel so connected and such an integral part of this expansive universe. I am blessed and there is nothing more that I can ever want. Thanksgiving is this Thursday and I couldn’t ask for a better way to prepare for this wonderful season of love and generosity."

"I am truly, truly grateful to Katia Sol for helping me establish a foundation to continue a daily gratitude practice and for teaching me to go deep into thankfulness."

"I've never connected with a group of people so deeply and quickly as I did during this Gratitude Retreat. It was one of the most safe spaces I've been in, and it was amazing to me how a group of very different people could be so very similar. The sense of support and empathy I felt was incredibly therapeutic. I know that I want to continue this sense of community with the new friends I made, but also create community with others around me."

"Katia! Thank YOU so much for facilitating the journey. Thanks again so much for being part of an experience that's rejuvenated and energized me, and made me see things in a different light. I've been totally filled with gratitude all day and trying to spread it to those around me."

"I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone who's feeling disconnected (from themselves, their community, their day-to-day life), and just needs a new perspective on life."

"Don't think I could change a thing. The venue really supported this event. The hot springs are a definite must. And huge compliments to the staff...food was amazing."

"I am just swimming smiling beaming dancing in all of the field of gratitude we created together this weekend."

"Two days after leaving I still feel such a sense of peace and comfort and connection, and I attribute it to all of you."  

"Although I have been back to the hustle and bustle of things, and easily slipped into the rhythm of everyday life, I've been taking a pause... A pause when I wake up, and at various times during the day and I put my hand on my heart, close my eyes for a moment, take a deep breathe, and then I remember our time together...then I get a pulse...the pulse of gratitude...I hope that Katia you will do many many more of these."

(In response to the question What did you like most about the weekend?) "Every single thing."