Your body and spirit will be nourished by Ayurvedic chef Britt Barrett and Mediterranean fusion chef Michel Nabti. Britt and Michel met in the kitchen and quickly realized that they had unique culinary synergy. They are both firm believers that food is medicine, and feel strongly that top quality seasonal ingredients are among the most important factors in making delicious healing food. Ayurveda is a 5000 year old system of holistic medicine that originated in India. It is about living in harmony with nature and understanding how the qualities of our foods nourish our bodies in unique ways. Combining Ayurvedic principles with traditional recipes and adding a local California twist, their meals are both intentional and flavorful. Britt and Michel take great pride in nourishing their community, and look forward to sharing their joy with you.


"I was the Executive Chef for Dr. Deepak Chopra and I can personally tell you that Brittany has a deep understanding of what an Ayurvedic diet can do for your body and mind.  Daily Ayurveda should be your first stop in a total wellness program."
 Chef Chris Miller