GRATITUDE IS A Radical life-affirming ACT

In this retreat, we will explore the many benefits of cultivating a daily gratitude practice.  

We will go deep into the roots of our experience, to explore what truly supports us to feel grateful.  We will look at what is in the way of our gratitude, and give it voice. We will harvest from our past year, and set intentions for the solstice and new year to come.  We will reflect alone and through journaling, and we will share with each other one-on-one and in circle.  We will move our gratitude through yoga, walk our gratitude in the rolling hills of Marin, and soak in gratitude in the hot tub.  Throughout, we will be learning and developing simple but powerful practices that we can take home to use in our daily lives and with our families, friends, partners, colleagues, and communities.

For, as Michelle and Joel Levy write, 

"The moment you shift from a mindset of negativity or judgement to one of appreciation, there are immediate effects at many levels of your being: Brain function becomes more balanced, harmonized and supple; your heart begins to pump in a much more coherent and harmonious rhythm; and biochemical changes trigger a host of healthful responses throughout your body.  Especially in difficult times, remembering to return to gratitude is a radical life-affirming act that builds your capacity for resilience."